One of the oldest and time-honored trades is that of the craftsman-jeweler who has the ability to create and repair beautiful pieces of jewelry.
With over 50 years of combined staff experience in jewelry repair, manufacturing, and design, Bejeweled will gladly repair your broken jewelry items.
With the addition of our laser welder, previously impossible repairs are made easy in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of cost. Even your favorite piece of costume jewelry, eyeglass frames can be repaired! It is important to note that all jewelry is repaired on our premises and does not get shipped out to a third party.
We believe that quality is #1 therefore unlike traditional jewelry shops that only use 10x jeweler loops and goggles to inspect items in for repair. Every bench at our shop is outfitted with a stereo microscope. We believe that if you can see what you are doing, you will do a much better job. From stone setting to polishing we are meticulous when it comes to the details.
We have yet to turn away a project that we cannot handle, we are up for the challenge, Bring in your piece of jewelry.