Ready to take that big leap and exhausted at all the rings in the chain stores that look the same?  Let's work together to put your own unique spin on a design to make that special someone know how much you care.  
Did you know we can also make your wedding bands custom fit with your engagement ring?  We know that there is no one-size-fits-all.   
Does that special pendant your husband bought you for your third anniversary stay in your jewelry box because it’s hopelessly out of style?
The Heirloom piece that you received from your grandmother become worn too thin?  Estate jewelry can be refreshed, reworked and/or redesigned, stone by stone with all the same metals recycled for a fresh new custom piece.  All work is overseen personally by Ezequiel Amaro, owner of Bejeweled Custom Jewelry & Repair.
Each creation begins with a sketch. If you have a design you would like to see created, you can bring in your own sketch or the friendly design team will be happy to draw one for you. From there the design is drawn up in our CAD department. You will receive an Email with a render of your piece showing exactly what it will look like before its made, any changes can be made at this point prior to prototyping your piece. After approval a wax is made using one of our 7 prototyping machines. Your wax is then cast in any metal you choose. Gold, Platinum, Silver, or Palladium.
We work with an array of Diamonds, precious, and semi-precious stones to create marvelous works of art for you to enjoy. All of the metals and stones you seek can be found right within our store but we also specialize in heirloom jewelry repair and re-creation. We will incorporate original metals and stones from your heirlooms, because we understand the sentimental value that accompanies each individual piece of jewelry.
To discover what Bejeweled can do for you, stop in today.